Spiritual Enhancement Healing


Spiritual Enhancement Healing with Stephen

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Spiritual Enhancement Healing with Stephen

We also offer a spiritual enhancement session which enables one to transcend the normal physical realms of functionality and existence. This process involved the clearing of blockages, and the activation or bringing online of the energetic centres both on and off the body, which are required to be functioning to access the higher self-aspects. This is also inclusive of activation of Trans and Sub-personal chakras as well as the development of on body chakras. Ultimately enhancing your spiritual senses, intuition and allowing you to transcend the emotional mind for a new state of well-being to assist you on your pathways and enhance all avenues of your life

We administer the peaceful calming energies of life force energy to clear and balance your chakras, your body systems, remove stress and blockages, smooth and feather your auric field, to help bring you back into harmony and to promote well-being.

Due to the complexity and depth of Stephen’s abilities.

All healing treatment sessions are up to 90 minutes in duration. Longer sessions are available.

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