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Reiki & Spiritual Healing with Stephen

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Reiki & Spiritual Healing with Stephen

“Reiki” and “Spiritual Energy” is healing universal energy…(similar to “chi”, “prana”, “healing white light” terms that are used in different religions and cultures around the world) and this energy flows through your  Practitioner’s hands into your body. Your  Practitioner is the channel for the energy, they do not produce it. The healing energy then flows to where you need it to go, to dissolve blocks, release locked emotions and to relax your body into a state of bliss. The energy cleanses and rebalances the chakras, subtle bodies, energy lines and meridians.

No touch is necessary ecpet for head, hands and feet, and we provide a relaxing, safe space for you to release and recharge

Due to the complexity and depth of Stephen’s abilities.

All healing treatment sessions are up to 90 minutes in duration. Longer sessions are available.

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