Emotional Clearing & Heart Space Alignment Healing


Emotional Clearing & Heart Space Alignment Healing with Stephen

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Emotional Clearing & Heart Space Alignment Healing with Stephen

During this deep emotional healing, we begin to ease off the impact of painful relationships so you may move forward from the heartache and painful memories to happier times. Often, we surrender or limit ourselves to maintain a relationship. Often at the detriment to our emotional harmony and leaving us feeling shattered. We begin by putting these fragments together again, clear out the emotional debris and then tend to the heart space, returning the parts of yourself that you lost during traumatic events, such as the loss of loved ones, and other painful experiences of your life. We will assist you to see your life events from a different perspective. We also start to release any emotional blockages and energetic binding which impact upon your heart, mind, and soul as well as your rhythm of life so that you no longer feel stuck. And more importantly so your heart and soul can express itself naturally and freely

Due to the complexity and depth of Stephen’s abilities.

All healing treatment sessions are up to 90 minutes in duration. Longer sessions are available.


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