Hi! My name is Stephen
I describe myself as a Transformative Spiritual and Energy Healer.

I’m also a Published Award Winning Author, Industry Leader, Usui Reiki Master – Teacher, Mentor, and the creator of “The Institute of Enlightened Awareness.”

My mission is to bring balance, peace and tranquillity to your body, mind, and spirit.

  So, you can discover the true essence of yourself, restore order to your body and harmonize your emotions.
 Let us balance, harmonize and reunite your oneness in a safe, loving, nurturing environment so your light will shine brightly that makes your spirit feel renewed.
My Journey with Reiki, and healing in general, has been extraordinary and empowering to say the least. It's been a journey that’s enabled me to enhance, and evolve every aspect of my life. Reiki has given me great depth and insight into who I really am, not only as person but also as to why I’m here. Energy work has really transformed my life after being disillusioned and abandoned by the medical system. Energy healing has transformed me from a broken soul, turned my path around and I have finally found my place.

I grew up on a hobby farm and joined the Navy at 17 as a young pup. I Left the navy after being injured and worked at a timber mill and got hurt again.  I Fumbled through some other jobs but then the wheels really fell off.  It was a journey with serious health and medical issues, severe pain and trauma, where I felt let down by everyone and everything. It was this that led to my business because I had no other alternative as I was medicated to within a heart beat of my life. 

I have studied many courses and read a huge amount of books to be the expert and  skilled that I am now.

Life was, let’s just say, ‘interesting’ before I figured out the solution to my problem. My life is so drastically different now in that I support myself and my family financially with my business, I am off medication and I have taught and helped many people with my healing business.

Now I am more self reliant, more complete and more balanced. The greatest challenges that I have had to overcome are agencies and government agencies not providing the support that they should have, overcoming PTSD and CRPS, plus medication dependency and the issues surrounding that. 

I am good at what I do because I get good results in that people get to experience the best of the best in life out of the very worst they experienced and have freedom from the limitations of their life. We support them in every area throughout the process and it is not about the money, it is about getting them to where they need to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Over the years, plenty of mistakes have been made and I have got the t-shirt! Errors in judgement and thinking and being very naive towards human behaviour, spreading myself too thin. 

I am proud that I have helped people that have done the work, of my websites and book. I am proud that I have done things my way, with my morals and ethics.

Not only has Reiki healed my condition but it’s also added greater depth to my heart and soul. A shining light to guide me when all others had diminished. It’s also helped me understand and put in perspective the traumatic and painful events I’ve been through. And come out the other side a better, stronger loving being. Empowering not only myself, but sharing these wonderful gifts to others, so they may experience this on their journey.


Did you know Stephen’s an Award Winning Author?

Living Now Book Awards 2023

Gold Medal Winner – Health & Wellness.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have been recognised as a Living Now Book Awards Gold Medal Winner for our book, Modern Reiki For Modern Times in the Health and Wellness Category.

The Living Now Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to the year’s very best lifestyle books and their creators. We all seek healthier, more fulfilling, and productive lives, and books are an important tool for gaining knowledge about how to achieve these goals for ourselves and our loved ones.

Click here to visit our complete Living Now Book Award listing! 

Book Excellence Awards 2024

Finalist – Alternative Medicine.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have been recognised as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for our book, Modern Reiki For Modern Times in the Alternative Medicine Category.
Out of thousands of books that were entered into the Book Excellence Awards competition, our book was selected for its high quality writing, design and overall market appeal.
Click here to visit our complete Book Excellence Award listing! 

Stephen is also the Creator of

The Institute Of Enlightened Awareness

The Institute of Enlightened Awareness is a collaboration of like-minded professional healers, from Adelaide Australia, that have come together to share their skills and knowledge with you.

We promote a high level of professionalism and accountability and deliver training to an exceptional level. We thought instead of keeping our knowledge and skills to ourselves, that we would share them with you so others can benefit, increasing the standards and ultimately those who you will reach as result of our teachings Presenting courses ranging from Reiki, Chakra Healing and Self Development to Spiritual Healings, our courses are extensive, professional, and comprehensive.

We’re about delivering exceptional, high quality, professional training, and education for everyone, self-paced, anytime, anywhere. Enabling access to years of professional clinical experience, knowledge, learning and teachings, all from the comfort of your own home.

About Stephen’s unique methodology.

Stephen’s many years of experience with several healing techniques combined with working intuitively with spirit guides and source allows him to bring the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects back into harmony. Assists the release of energetic blockages, renews, and repairs the energetic pathways and re-aligns your energy so that positive life changes can unfold.
Stephen works from the outer levels of your aura all the way down thru the subtle bodies into the physical body and into the cells. Intercepting, correcting, repairing “dis”ease, trapped emotions and blockages before they manifest and are embedded into the physical body.

Often these types of energy healings uncover deep emotions from traumatic events and trigger shifts in awareness, releases subliminal blockages and brings about changes where lifestyles, people and routines which no longer serve you in a positive, begin to fall away.

Quite often if the imbalance is located deep within the psyche or subconscious, unless these are brought back into harmony, the same cycle continues to repeat itself until the imbalance is corrected. When emotions are released and it detaches from our sense of identity and our universal self-worth we often find we are able to move forward in life in a much more positive mindset and begin to see yourself in a whole new light.
Spiritual healing also helps with soul expression, which is something we all struggle with during life and the awakening process. We have an inherent natural urge to express ourselves freely but then we come against the collective whole which tends to lend itself to diminishing your natural vibrancy of your souls love and light, as not to offend others or draw unwanted negative attention.
Without this emotional pressure (Energy Drain) your vibration gets higher and higher. You begin to reframe your life events and lessons, opening up to new possibilities and avenues, enhanced creativity, freedom and enhanced body-mind-spirit connection and the oneness with life and your environment.
Stephen is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. 

Stephen’s Qualifications & Modalities

Over the years I’ve completed numerous courses and workshops, all combining to further enhance my understanding and awareness. 

• Diploma in PhytoSonus ™ Bioresonance Therapy

• Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master-Teacher

• Spiritual Surgery

• Chiron Healing ®

• Egyptian Alchemy

• Theta Healing Advanced DNA Techniques

• Spiritual Healing

• Crystal Healing

• Chakra balancing, restructuring, unification (including transpersonal chakras)

• Light body activation, repair & integration.

• Repairing Auric fields, removal of psychic debris & attacks.

• Balancing of the Emotional, Mental Physical & Astral bodies by adjustments of the Etheric Templates

• Spiritual Awakening & Development through integration of the higher self.

• Intuitive healing

• Creator of The Institute Of Enlightened Awareness

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What People Say
I have been having healings with Stephen for almost two years now. I can't say enough positive things about the work he does. If you want to release all that is no longer serving you and feel lighter again then an appointment with Stephen is just what you need.
Kelly, O Adelaide, SA

I walked into this place not knowing Stephen apart from what my brother had told me I was like what nah that's weird? Great guy explains things really well.. Well I proved myself wrong I went today 90 mins worth every $ I walked out feeling like a kid again with 10 tons lifted off me 10 years of stress. I feel amazing I feel alive once again like I can do anything I wish thank u so much Stephen you are truly amazing. I seriously can't thank you enough."
Chris P. Adelaide.

"Healings I have been seeing Stephen for healing work for about 4 years. He has a very kind and compassionate nature, as well as comprehensive healing knowledge and great insight. I can’t recommend Stephen from Celestial Energies enough!"
James, Adelaide, SA

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